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Señal Memoria might focus on the past, but that doesn't mean they can't be modern and fresh

Main header of Senal Memoria redesign, iMac showing the homepage

Señal Memoria is one of RTVC brands, the one that specializes in the history of the radio and tv from Colombia. They make sure to preserve and restore old videos, audio, images and documents to share it with the world.

Their mission is to provide a public access to the content from the archives, to encourage it’s access and distribution. It’s the audiovisual and sound heritage of Colombia. The purpose of the website is to improve accessibility to their content to increase visitors.


Redesign of the website to appeal a larger audience, showing the new content from the archives and improve the ability to see it in a phone or tablet.


A modern design that contains all the information and categories needed to be able to enjoy the specials, articles, and everything that Señal Memoria con offer.


Mid Designer


10 weeks / 2018
Updated 2019-2021


Adobe XD, Photoshop, pen & paper


Daniela Montanez (main designer), Fabian Perez (product owner), Javier Martinez (developer), Santiago Rocha (client)


Señal Memoria wants to refresh their website considering the new content they will offer

Señal Memoria is the archive that saves all of the digital content of Colombian history. They have a big archive of files that include photos, videos and audio about every topic that was talked about in the past. Their mission is to save this data, digitize it and then share it with the world.

Baby face icon


Beginning of Señal Memoria

File cabinet icon


archives in the catalog

Nerd face icon


archives saved and conserved

Since their archive is growing each day, new needs arrive depending on the content they save. For the past website, they wanted to divide all of their content into two categories: articles and pieces. Articles meant all of the pieces they shared on the website that contained some sort of text, while "pieces" were more about videos and audios and a small explanation about them.

The new site had other priorities to keep in mind:

⟶ It was important to give the catalog the spotlight. They wanted to increase visitors and usability of the catalog.
⟶ Content should be divided into 4 big categories (history and political situation, media history, society and culture, Colombia and the world).
⟶ A section for all of the specials.
⟶ Responsive.
⟶ A new about us page that would condense the big story that they have in a more friendly manner.

Sitemap of Senal Memoria showing the sections and subsections of the website
Sitemap with the most important categories and points required in the brief.
Challenge #1

Redesign thinking of increasing the catalog and categories visits

This was the second redesign I would do for Señal Memoria's main website, therefore I already had an underestanding on their goals and purpose. I focused on the elements they wanted to change, refresh or add. 

Mid-fidelity wireframes of main pages
Some mid-fidelity screens of the final design.

The homepage has evolved throughout the years

Before I was assigned this project, Señal Memoria had a site that wasn't fulfilling their needs. The redesign from 2017 started to solve the needs of the moments, and in 2018 they needed more changes that I discussed before. However, the one page that has needed more revisions is the homepage

On 2019, they wanted to change the hierarchy of the elements, as the visits on the categories hadn't increased by much. Furthermore, they wanted to renew the header, as the catalog design had changed around the same time.

Last year, 2020, there was a new revision, they wanted to combine the articles, catalog header and collections in one single section in the header to give them the same hierarchy. The visits from the Catalog and Collections increased with the change of hierarchy.

Revisions of the homepage of Senal Memoria through the years
Evolution of the homepage throughout the years.

Refreshing the website with the goal to increase visitors and expand their audience

Once the site was completely redesigned and approved, I pass it up to the developer so they could work on bringing it to live. 


Adapting the website to every single screen

On the first redesign in 2017, they were more focused on the desktop. On the other hand, for this second redesign in 2018 they realized a great percentage of their audience visited the website through their phones.

Screen of an homepage from Senal Memoria mobile version
Last revision of the homepage.
Screen of the specials from the homepage of Senal Memoria mobile version
List of the specials that Señal Memoria offers.
Screen of an article from Senal Memoria mobile version
An example of an article with a single image.

I will never get tired of seeing a design come to live

⟶ The first redesign of this website was one of the first projects that I received; being able to participate in the redesign once again was a pleasure. I feel that not only does the website an audience evolve, we do as well. 
⟶ We tested the design once it was finished and were able to catch a few usability situations that needed to be fixed right away.
⟶ This is still a work in progress, we are always iterating and focusing on building a better website for the target audience.

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